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Are you looking for a solution to your heaps of food but are just not too keen on the aftermath once you are done feasting? Don’t fret, Supply Smiths is one of the packaging suppliers in Singapore who aspires to bring convenience and affordability to you. We understand how it can get all messy once snacking begins, so we present you with a solution with our disposable food boxes, ranging from food trays to snack cups. Whether you are looking to pack noodles or finger food like hot and crisp nuggets, we have a variety of supplies for you to choose from.

With Supply Smiths, we commit ourselves to meet your party needs by offering a convenient solution with our disposable food boxes. Aside from using our supplies to host parties, we also deliver out items to businesses who are looking to provide food delivery and take outs. Moreover, we offer custom packaging across all our takeaway food boxes so you can design them to your preference. We can help you with specific designs such as adding of logos or following your corporate colour(s).

Supply Smiths carries a line of packaging supplies in different sizes to meet all kinds of needs that you may have. From rectangular-shaped to square-shaped paper food boxes, we offer a variety to our dearest customers.

While you can hold onto our paper food boxes and savour your meal, we also offer the option of lids when you are unable to finish eating. With us, we want to make sure you get to enjoy your delicious food at the scene itself - but also be able to take away the food and have it in the comfort of your very own home.