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SUPER TOWER INDUSTRIES PTE LTD is certified and registered as a Cooling Tower Institute (CTI) Member in U.S.A. We hold a unique position in the industry, for not only do we supply, install and maintain Cooling Towers, our factory in Singapore and China also manufactures all kinds of Cooling Towers such as: FRP Bottle type, Counter flow round type, Cross flow square type, special custom made type and other spare parts for all kind of Cooling Tower, example: crossflow square tower with side discharge. Our Cooling Tower are featured with energy saving, compact and light weight, reduced noise pollution, corrosion resistant, fireproof and quakeproof. We provide easy access to all kinds of Cooling Tower spare parts such as Sprinkler heads, Sprinkler pipes, Suction Strainers, PVC infill, aluminium infilled, Drift eliminators, etc. New regulations were imposed by ENV in Singapore to control Legionnaires Disease on all Cooling Towers under Chapter 95 act. We (SUPER TOWER INDUSTRIES PTE LTD ) are pleased to introduce and highlight that we have innovative design for supplying all makes and models of round and square Cooling Tower’s Drift Eliminator based on the latest ENV Regulation. SUPER TOWER INDUSTRIES PTE LTD management spirit is firmly grounded in the belief that we must offer only the highest quality services to our clients and engage in business relationship which are not only beneficial to ourselves, but to our clients as well. This principal has been the guiding influence on all SUPER TOWER INDUSTRIES PTE LTD business strategies and goals. SUPER TOWER INDUSTRIES PTE LTD also had set up a branch office in Yangon (Myanmar),which are able to supply and cope for all kinds of M&E equipments.



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