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Single-use plastics are being phased out, and for good reason. Every year, 9 million tons of plastic waste will flow into our oceans and 2,000 tons come from plastic straws.

Even so, straws still have their place—they’re great for portability, safety, cleanliness, and accessibility for those with disabilities. In a time where staying safe in public is more important than ever, straws provide another layer of protection from germs and bacteria.

Reusable metal straws aren’t a new concept, they provide the safety and accessibility we’re all looking for without endangering the environment. Straw Safe, however, bridges the gap we’ve all experienced with carrying around dirty metal straws after we’ve used them. Say goodbye to the lack of convenience and upgrade to a new level of environmentally friendly products with Straw Safe.

The Straw Safe is a carrying case, set of reusable straws, and cleaning tool all in one; never go anywhere without a clean straw again! With two sides designed to help you keep used straws away from clean ones, multiple straw colors, and individual slots for each straw, you’ll always be assured of clean straws when you’re on the go.

Straw Safe proudly gives back to ocean preservation efforts. We believe in protecting the environment as well as providing an easy way for anyone to switch from single use plastics to sustainable products.


Founded in 2019 by Dexter Bush, Straw Safe is a family and locally owned business dedicated to helping you do your part for the environment while staying safe from germs. Dexter has been a materials engineer and inventor for half a decade, and he’s putting that experience to work for you.


Straw Safe is dedicated to preserving our environment and to keeping you and your family safe from contaminants and infection. Straw Safe is committed to reducing waste, while helping the environment. For every Straw Safe unit sold, a portion will be donated to various non-profit organizations with the purpose of protecting, cleaning, and restoring our oceans and waterways.


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