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At Soopa we believe simple is better, that’s why our products are carefully handmade using only freshpicked produce straight from the farm. No additives or preservatives, just 100% fruit and vegetable. Chewy, Juicy and super nutritious, they’re so good you’ll be tempted to paw them for yourself!

During her time working as a dog groomer and pet minder, Barbara was shocked with the large amounts of dog suffering with diabetes, skin allergies, obesity. This motivated Barbara to come up with a dog chew that was hypo-allergenic, low calorie, yummy! and not only safe for dogs with diabetes but also beneficial.  Made with 100% natural human grade superfood ingredients. Bursting with goodness, low calorie, hypoallergenic and with a natural taste dog’s love. So good you’ll be tempted to paw them for yourself!

Soopa is 100% vegan all-natural dog chews are bursting with vitamins, minerals and fido-nutrients.


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