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We are an Australian solar street light designer, manufacturer & installer. Our lights are suitable for roads, car parks, construction sites, walkways & marinas. 

We take pride in our work

We invest in research

We test all our products

We always look for way to make our lights better and more efficient.

We use a calculator to optimise our solar street lights to match the location,

We optimise our solar street lights to match the location

We engineer our solar street lights so they last 20 years.

We do this by allowing our lithium LifePO4 batteries have an average remaining charge of 80% at dawn.

Depending on the location this could mean a bigger solar panel tilted at the correct angle.

Some locations closer to the equator such as Brisbane and Cairns, have an plenty of sunshine. 

Locations such as Melbourne and Hobart have much less sunshine during winter. These are further from the equator and need a bigger solar panel.