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Smardt (founded in Melbourne, Australia in 2000) was the first manufacturer in the world to produce high efficiency, oil-free centrifugal chillers utilising the Danfoss Turbocor magnetic bearing, oil-free compressor. With more experience, and more installations than any other manufacturer, Smardt is the global leader in oil-free chillers, with more than 6000 chillers installed worldwide. Smardt also offers chillers designed and manufactured to the highest standards, as Smardt is the only OEM that is 100% focused on oil-free, exclusively manufacturing an extensive range of water cooled, air cooled, and evaporatively cooled oil-free high efficiency chillers. Our product range has been refined to maximize the energy efficiencies this new technology affords, and with manufacturing in 5 countries worldwide, Australia, Canada, USA, Germany, and China. Smardt has the leading global expertise in this technology.