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Windtight building envelope

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Climate change - Save energy with SIGA We all know how important it is to protect our environment and preserve natural resources. The CO2 consumption of the industrial nations is continuously increasing, earth is heating up and the climate changing. We at SIGA are aware of our ecological responsibility and make a huge contribution to the protection of our environment. But we also protect your wallet. With our SIGA system, you can save a lot of energy after building or renovation of a house. Thanks to a thoroughly sealed air and windtight building envelope heat stays where it belongs - in the house. This will considerably reduce your heating costs, unlike a building envelope with sealing gaps. The heating is by far the greatest energy guzzler in our households. A gap of one-millimetre width and one-metre length already reduces thermal insulation in this area by about 40 %. A properly sealed airtight layer will cut your heating bill by about 1/3. As a result of the reduced thermal loss also your CO2 emission will drop. So kill two birds with one stone: save cash and simultaneously counteract the climate change!