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Shop to Stop Plastic is the result of the pioneering efforts of Laura Mendez of the Netherlands to find eco-friendly alternatives to the majority of the products used in daily life. Our zeal is to drive home the point of environmental protection through responsible consumerist practices within socially conscious parameters.

It is our sworn objective to drastically reduce the use of plastic globally. From household items to beauty products, we strive to educate and inspire people on the benefits of products made from organic raw materials. We believe that the planet is one large home for every living being and we should strive to enrich our planet through sustainable consumerism.

Shop to Stop Plastic endeavours to build a plastic-free world. We offer a diverse array of products that are manufactured through rigorous technical methods encompassing skill, efficiency and ethics. We aim to produce a change in the hearts and minds of people across the world and awaken them to the need for bringing the planet back to its pristine glory.