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Biogas Treatment System

Company profile
The origin of "ENVIRONTEC" biogas technology starts from ENTEC in Austria ever since 1992. "Bilgeri Environtec GmbH" , the subsidiary company of ENTEC, signed an agreement with ZCIC ( in 2009. With the new company "Shanghai Zhong Cheng Environtec Co., Ltd.", the target is set to assemble the products in Shanghai to better serve the booming market in China and also South-East Asian Countries. OUR DREAM Sustainable development of energy is the dream of Environment Specialists for many generations. Besides wind power, solar energy and biomass energy, the anaerobic technology- taken biogas from organic waste , is also the ideal way to achieve our dreams. So far, Environtec biogas technology has been widely used in many areas i.e. municipal solid waste (MSW) , waste water treatment plant (WWTP), sludge, food waste, industrial waste water, agricultural waste plants and so on.