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Connection is at the heart of what it means to be human and drinking often defines these moments. You know that sensation when your first drink hits that sweet spot, where conversations broaden and connections deepen?

SENTIA was developed to capture that moment - and let you hold it.

A next generation of feel-good drinks, designed for conscious drinkers, coming together.


Neither alcohol nor alcohol-free, but a great tasting, effective, alcohol alternative designed for sophisticated hedonists coming together to savour the moment – everything we want from alcohol, but without the alcohol.


Those familiar with that ‘first-drink sweet spot’ – are also likely familiar with the feeling when you’ve had too much…

It’s a fine line, which is why SENTIA precisely targets GABA activity in the brain; And (unlike some of us) GABA knows when to call it a night. Which is how SENTIA gives you the that ‘sweet spot’ feeling of relaxation and sociability and holds the feeling right there.  


SENTIA was developed to bottle the feelings associated with connection.

Designed by a world-renowned team of botanists, innovators, and scientists, SENTIA’s unique blend of powerful, plant-based ingredients are scientifically proven to activate ‘GABA’ in the brain – that’s the neurotransmitter responsible for those sensations of sociability – meaning you can come together and connect, with a good drink.


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