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SaveGlobe is founded and headed by Mr.PVS Suhasan Reddy, and he is been on his‘say no to plastic’ mission since 2011 to raise awareness against plastic pollution and enrich the sustainability of our planet in a holistic approach, leading to the birth of SAVE GLOBE, a brand executed to bring awareness against the usage of plastic by manufacturing eco-friendly, biodegradable and sustainable products which don’t harm the planet.

" We know there are huge plastic islands floating in the Pacific ocean and the innocent animals are suffering only for the human’s negligence and this is high time, we may not even get a chance to survive if we don’t react now. So understanding the consequences of plastic, we thought to come up with something that instigates people to adopt the earth-friendly lifestyle, safe and sustainable solutions, in 2011 with SAVE GLOBE, catering its products across the world. "

SaveGlobe products are curated with the concept of going back to the roots, with the raw materials being the byproducts of a resource, using ancient techniques of sustainable living to make green, eco-friendly products. .

When was the last time you used plastic? The chair you sat in an hour ago, the spoon you used ten minutes back, or the pen you are using now? With Plastic becoming almost omnipresent, it isn’t surprising although very saddening that since the 1950s, around 8.3 billion tons of plastic have been produced worldwide.

Plastic is material which averages on usage time of 40 minutes takes about 1000 years or so to decompose. This steady accumulation of Plastic dump has resulted in the exponential growth of plastic pollution in landfills causing extensive soil erosion and Plastic Pollution in the marine bodies with 100,000 marine mammals and turtles and 1 million seabirds killed by marine plastic pollution annually. And it isn’t restricted to marine lives and animals in general either; BPA, a chemical found in Plastic can be absorbed in the body and trigger heart diseases, diabetes, damage to the brain and reproductive systems, and potentially damage enough to alter your hormone.



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