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  • Energy Management System (EnMS) solutions, including consultation, hardware, software and deployment. EnMS enables an organization or installation to utilize energy effectively and efficiently, optimizing demand and consumption. EnMS is a prerequisite for ISO standard ISO50001 and Superior Energy Performance installations and organizations.
  • GBI Certification 3M solutions (Measuring, Monitoring & Managing), for Energy Efficiency, Indoor Environmental Quality, Occupancy and Water Consumption Efficiency. These solutions are required to be deployed as part any GBI Certification program. We are able to deploy the required 3M solutions in both new buildings and retrofitting of existing buildings.
  • Scada systems for Electrical Infrastructure monitoring and control; including consultation, hardware, software and deployment. Our RsS Scada is a robust supervisory monitoring and control scalable system specifically developed for Electrical Infrastructure and Facilities equipment.
  • Scada communication and protocol translation solutions for cross platform integration and seamless operation. Communication between various SCADA Systems / remote devices (RTU / PLC / Transformers / IEDs) operating under different communication protocols are easily made possible by ICx Gateway.