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our work S2 design has always focused on Environmentally Sustainable Design [ESD], passive solar design and the use of natural materials. By including ESD principles in our designs we not only create more ecologically sound environments, but happier, healthier and more beautiful ones too. As leaders in this field, S2 design recommend, and our designs often include, initiatives to reduce your building energy consumption and improve occupant's health. This initial investment ultimately provides cost savings through the reduction of ongoing operational and maintenance costs. We always recommend and are happy to advise on ESD strategies as we understand the importance to occupant's physical health and psychological wellbeing. During 2014 S2 design received overwhelming recognition for the argyle project which was recognised as one of the most sustainable houses in Australia. Our effort in the advancement of ESD was acknowledged by Bayside City Council in the 2011 Built Environment Awards in the category of 'best ecologically sustainable design'. This recognition was notably in the areas of commercial and multi-residential architecture for a multi-use project we completed early in 2011; spring road. Our architectural designs encourage Clients to employ as many of the following, or even more, sustainability considerations as possible: maximise insulation efficiency incorporation of thermal mass maximum possible natural light solar boosted hot water low or zero VOC [Volatile Organic Compounds = non-toxic] materials, paints and finishes grey water recycling photovoltaic/ solar electricity generation + storage low energy consuming appliances + fittings i.e. high star ratings resource efficient building methods maximise passive natural ventilation low water use appliances + fittings: high A ratings sustainable materials: recycled, locally sourced products, plantation or sustainably harvested timbers... on-site rainwater storage: water tank/s, bladder/s