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Free yourself and your family from artificial soft drinks! At Rocks, we only use whole fruit and the fewest, most natural ingredients possible. 

Simply squished whole fruit for full, flavoursome taste excitement and Devonshire spring water for pure refreshment. 

From farm to family

Based in a lovely village just outside Exeter in Devon, Rocks have been making authentic squashes and ready-made drinks since 1981.

Inspired by original founder; farmer and family man Hugh Rock, who simply wanted to produce refreshing drinks that didn’t use artificial sweeteners, colours or additives.

Today, Rocks retains the same vision, to provide simple drinks to thirsty families!

Our Story

Hugh Rock developed our first squashes and cordials 40 years ago in Berkshire when he started a family firm in 1981. The aim was to produce drinks that everyone could enjoy, in response to people’s concerns about the quality of soft drinks and to avoid the long list of chemicals found within them. His ethos, to produce drinks that did not use artificial sweeteners, colours or additives, was one we greatly admired.

Even when Hugh decided to retire from the business, we pledged to keep his values alive, and we have put all our energy into producing each and every Rocks Drink ‘as it should be made’, with an uncomplicated approach.

We are passionate about our business which is based in a village just outside Exeter in Devon. We have a small and dedicated team of staff, and pride ourselves on making authentic squashes following the original recipes.


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