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Quality Sunglasses, Recycled Ocean Plastic.

Who we are.

We at ReWave see waste plastic differently. In a world where companies and consumers turn their backs on an ever growing waste problem, we see opportunity. We care passionately about creating a sustainable future for wildlife, people and environmental hygiene! That's why ReWave has worked harder than ever to reshape the way we manufacture and consume plastic products, by intercepting and recycling discarded fishing nets and rope from the North Atlantic Ocean, we are able to produce top-quality designer sunglasses using the materials at an affordable price.

Our Goal.

Restoring the purity and life in our oceans is our main area of focus. We believe that the waste plastic polluted across our oceans can be put to great use through sustainable manufacturing methods and consumerism. Across our network we have developed efficient recycling technologies, capable of turning recovered fishing nets into high-quality every day items. With a focus on sustainable sunglasses we hope to transform the fashion industry, redefining value for the people who really care about saving the planet. The maritime waste industry currently leaks over 7 million tonnes of plastic every year into the ocean between 10-20% is from fishing nets and rope. Our goal is simple, we wish to close the loop and intercept all plastic before it enters our oceans. We believe that with help from you, the community, we can continue to develop technology and find new innovative uses for waste plastic. Together, through better education and spending, we can achieve a circular economy.

Why should you choose ReWave?

We are finally giving you the chance to have a direct impact on fighting ocean plastic waste. Our products are guaranteed 100% sustainable, from the recycled design of the glasses to the biodegradable packaging, your mind can rest easy.

We promise to donate 5% of our annual gross profit towards the Ocean Cleanup Organisation. 

With each pair of sunglasses we sell, we can recover 20KG of fishing net and rope. Our recycled plastic is 83% more carbon efficient than virgin plastic and consumes 90% less energy to produce. 

You will help to rescue millions of marine wildlife affected by waste plastic pollution, including: dolphins, whales, orca, seals, shark, octopus and many more.

Become part of the movement and join a fast-growing positive community!


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