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Once upon a time, Earth was its forests, with man coexisting harmoniously with animals and birds.Man has colonized most of her spaces and has remained a distant echo of what he himself once was.The Man of The Forests was stronger, faster, more resilient and ultimately healthier. He lived longer and was far happier. And he definitely did not need all the ‘things’ to keep himself occupied. The Man of Today is a slave to the jungle of metal, concrete and plastic that he has built. And ironically, it is slowly killing him.With ONEarth, we intend to take baby steps towards what we regard as the original, and by far the better, way of life. We intend to go back, gradually, to the forests, where we have come from, and where we will still find the ways and means to a fuller life, if only we are willing to look.

There must be a way to modernise and continue moving forward without necessarily hollowing ourselves out.