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How Are Sugarcane Straws Made?

Sugarcane straws are made from the byproduct of sugar processing. Sugar cane processing involves crushing the plant to extract the juice to produce sugar. After the juice is extracted, the remaining plant fibers from the sugarcane, called bagasse, remain and need to be dealt with. The bagasse is really just a crushed sugarcane, 100% plant fibers. Renouvo’s technology takes the bagasse and turns it into a 100% plant-based, zero plastic cutlery.

For many years, sugar processors had to find ways to deal with the large amounts of bagasse coming out of its sugar plants as a byproduct. Being able to create 100% plant-based cutlery from bagasse was truly a win-win for both the environment and the people. 

Who is Renouvo?

JuTian Cleantech Co., Ltd. established the renouvo brand(formerly 100%ZHI)in 2022, with “reuse of waste” as the core value of the brand, recycling and applying natural agricultural waste, Specializing in environmentally friendly technologies and developing compostable products to ensure that the earth’s limited resources can be used in a recycled and sustainable manner, forming a friendly economic and industrial system and implementing the SDGs sustainable development goals.

And through the technical research and development of environmental protection materials, continue to create, develop and accumulate new knowledge, new technology and new products, and actively develop green carbon reduction products to reduce environmental impacts and make cities stable, safe, and sustainable.