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Reliable Controls objective is to have the most satisfied dealers in our industry and this achievement demonstrates our commitment to having an effective, internationally recognized quality & environmental management system. This system ensures our quality standards are met and that we continually improve our processes and organization in addition to making our dealers more competitive in the market.

Reliable Controls is pleased to announce that after a year of implementation efforts, reviewing, updating, and documenting our quality processes throughout the company, Reliable Controls was audited by the ISO Registrar SAI Global and have successfully achieved formal ISO 9001 & 14001 certifications.

This achievement will also assist our dealer network with accessing jobs that specify ISO Certification from the vendors that supply hardware and software.


Our outstanding customer loyalty stems from our ability to be good listeners and to deliver practical, easy-to-use building solutions that are flexible, economical, and an excellent return on investment, year after year.

All design, development, assembly, service, and repair are housed under one roof in our head office. We steadfastly resist the trend to outsource any component of our business, and prefer instead to develop our own processes internally and retain full control of our quality.

The goal of helping people to achieve their goals begins by listening. We are service oriented and quality driven and believe the road to the best solution is paved with open and honest dialog.