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Number. It’s a number.

When you take a birth, it is important to record the date & time – it’s a number.

When you start your day you check what’s the time? It’s a number.

When you are studying you are curious for your result – it’s a number.

When you start working – you check what’s the salary? It’s the number.

The biggest threat to humanity which is Global Warming – we can’t go beyond 2 degrees of temperature rise across world – it’s a number.  If you know we have only 10 years left to make climate change reverse before 2030 – it’s a number. When you physically dont feel well, you go to doctor. He believes more on number of heartbit, blood pressure, blood cells, sugar and many more parameters. Doctor then decides number of dose of medicine for number of days, & physical rest for number of days.

Now what if you know your environmental saving potential in numbers & start achieving those numbers by changing your lifestyle? What if all people on this planet start achieving those numbers? We can fight global warming and climate change very easily. Its like you have a target and you have means to measure at every stage. So you can actually check actual vs target and correct at every stage like a standard PDCA cycle.

This small thought of linking whole global warming and climate change to number created this startup.

We conceptualized revolutionary term ESV (Environmental Saving Value) & invented a technique to calculate ESV for any product. ESV conceptualized with that positive thought of you are saving something as compared to the worst damage it could have done. Also we thought of creating a reward and recognition structure for people who really care for environment and give them appropriate rewards linked to their ESVs. How about you come to know actual savings of your environment and you get cash reward plus certificate and fame across as a hero. This will create a chain of motivation across and everyone will start saving environment. 

Also think of having all products, services and technologies showing ESVs on them. All consumers will automatically be aware and conscious. 

Our current lifestyle is a linear one where at one end we mine out natural resources and deplete them for our lifestyle. At end the used product becomes waste & lands up in landfill, water fill to river, ocean and create pollution.

What if we divert all waste to recycling and convert them back into products, We save land and other pollution plus conserve environmental resources for future generation. This is exactly what we do at Recycle.Green to save our planet from global warming and climate change.

Our vision is to make everyone on this planet think "Environment First" before, while and after doing any activity.

Our mission is to create a process and technique to innovate environmental saving, product, services and technologies and at end a conscious customer who uses these to change their lifestyle.