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Less Fuel, More Fashion

RE.BORN is a forward thinking, sustainable swimwear brand founded by Georgia Braithwaite, launched in September 2020. Premium, yet affordable our entire collection is crafted from Recycled Polyester, also known as RPET, which is largely made up from recycled plastic bottles.

​With the sky-high demand for fast fashion as we know it, generating masses of excess/dead stock each season, this provides the perfect opportunity for start-ups and local businesses to intervene and utilise otherwise what would go to waste and RE.PURPOSING unwanted product.

With mass-market being such a monstrous contributor to our carbon footprint, it's crucial as an industry, we accept the challenges the last year in particular has thrown at us, paving the way for a more sustainable, and ethical future.

Our emission-less mission

It is estimated 8.3 million tons of waste plastic is discarded into our oceans every year, which to put into perspective would be just short of 50,000 full grown blue whales. Furthermore, it's forecasted there shall be a greater number of plastics in our oceans than fish. With this in mind, our goal is to contribute towards diminishing the use of non-renewable materials by using alternative raw sources, which in time shall reduce the demand for harmful product across the industry.


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