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Eco-friendly F&B and Hotel Amenities

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RDI supplies all types of hospitality products, from items for guest rooms to key cards and housekeeping.

We can also help with custom brands too, helping to meet your hospitality needs more effectively. At RDI,  we value the connections and relationship that comes with our program.

Established in 2004, RDI-USA has purposed to deliver quality products at competitive prices for the hospitality industry. Passion and ingenuity have been the driving force for success at RDI-USA. Continuous improvement of products and services through custom programs allows customers of RDI-USA to be set apart with the most cutting edge products in the industry.

With over 2000 products, RDI-USA has the resources and capabilities to help you meet the needs of your customers by using cost-saving measures and making efforts to reduce shipping expenditures. RDI-USA is the central source for all hospitality needs, allowing suppliers to focus on delivering to their customers without the added complications of product manufacturing and management.


United States