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Husband and wife team Mark and Joanna Farr bought Devon-based Purple Planet Packaging in 2019 with a view to a lifestyle change and a better work/life balance in which to raise their growing young family.

The business, now based in Coventry in the West Midlands is one of the UK’s Leading Environmentally Friendly Packaging Specialists.

Being fully independent allows Purple Planet Packaging to work freely with the world’s leading specialist Eco Friendly packaging manufacturers and UK importers. This allows us to offer over 400+ certified compostable products under one roof so we can recommend the most appropriate products without bias. 

Here at Purple Planet we recognise that in an ideal world everyone would use our eco products 100% of the time. However for a variety of reasons this isn’t always possible so we are also able to source and supply other products whilst encouraging you to try some of our comparable products so that the customer can see for themselves the quality and value our items represent.


With years of experience, and a family run business we are proud to supply the UK food-service industry, we fully understand the needs of the growing artisan café chain, the independent street-food vendor, the outdoor event caterer and the food festival manager more than most when it comes to compostable catering disposables.

Our plant-based products are made from annually renewable plant crops like corn, sugarcane, and potatoes. The waste materials from these crops (i.e., the natural starch produced from corn and the fibers from sugarcane known as bagasse) can all be made into packaging and are a great alternative to conventional petroleum-based plastics.

The products we sell are independently certified 100% compostable by world-recognised authorities including OK compost by Vincotte and The Biodegradable Product Institute (BPI). This allows our packaging to be disposed of with general food waste after use and processed back into natural compost in under 12 weeks at an approved composting facility.

Purple Planet Packaging stock the widest range of stock compostable catering disposables in the UK and offer custom printing together with a comprehensive bespoke packaging and design service.


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