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Project Blu was born from a desire to do better. We break the mould of the traditional manufacturing processes to offer products that are sustainable, high quality and built to last. Our love of pets and the planet is at the heart of everything we do.

Project Blu is a British based business with state of the art manufacturing capabilities run from our production base in Italy (Tuscany). We work closely with European suppliers to ensure our products and operations have the lowest possible environmental impact and carbon footprint.


Project Blu converts a wide range of materials into high quality, sustainable designs. These include ocean-bound plastic, recycled clothes, recycled leather and discarded fishing nets.

We are constantly innovating our product range and looking for new ways to turn pollution into sustainable materials.

The Eco fabric collection

We combine ocean-bound plastic and recycled clothes into a unique fabric mix that is soft yet durable. We use this Eco-Fabric to make our beds and our fabric collars, leashes, and accessories. Our bed fillings are also filled with upcycled plastic materials. We work with local coastal communities in India and the Philippines to collect plastic waste. The plastic is collected from oceans, rivers, beaches and landfill.

Less than 5% of Ocean plastic reaches the surface or washes up on coastlines. The majority sinks to the bottom of the ocean where it is broken down into polluting micro-plastics. The micro-plastics are ingested by marine animals and the toxins are now entering the human foodchain.


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