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Waste reduction is at the heart of our mission to improve our local environment. From landfill waste to air polluting incinerators our environment is deteriorating and we are all suffering as a result.

Therefore at PrimeBags™ we develop and produce fully compostable products made from non GMO vegetable starches that can improve food collection, composting, and green gas capturing.

We aim to contribute towards the creation of local jobs, production of local energy, and natural organic fertiliser. We value every customer and we can supply our products on time at very competitive prices.

Because of the high quality of our materials, our products can be professionally branded with up to eight colours. Our products have been successfully tested and certified to be used for composting at home or in industrial controlled environment with the following certificates: TUV Ok Compost Home, TUV Ok Compost Industrial, and The Seedling Logo. This allows our products to be used for collection of food and garden waste without the need to be separated and disposed differently.

Our mission is to help and sustain a fully integrated natural system approach to food waste that respects our local environment and the planet as a whole.




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