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Company profile

Power Knot LLC is the market leader of onsite food waste digesters. Power Knot manufactures the LFC® biodigester and SBT™ bin tipper for the elimination of food waste in commercial and industrial companies. The LFC biodigester digests waste food and reduces the expense, inconvenience, mess, and carbon footprint of disposing of waste food that would otherwise be hauled to a landfill. With installations globally, Power Knot offers the most technologically advanced machines available today and is the market leader, offering seven biodigester models that process from 25 kg (50 lb) to 1200 kg (2600 lb) of waste food per day.


Power Knot’s mission is to provide safe and economically sound solutions for commercial, industrial, and military customers seeking to improve and to make a positive impact on their environment.

Our technologies are proven and available today, have been in reliable use for many years, and offer a payback period typically of less than two years.

Key Products

LFC Biodigester: a machine that digests food waste; this keeps organic material out of landfills and saves the planet. The product is usually positioned in a commercial kitchen and saves the cost, mess, and inconvenience of having waste hauled off site.

SBT Bin Tipper: a battery operated bin tipper made of stainless steel. It is suitable for places demanding hygiene or portability and saves workers from lifting heavy garbage bins.

WEP Effluent Pump: a pump and filter machine made of stainless steel. It can pump effluent that may be fed by gravity a long distance or to a higher point and at the same time can filter out particulates.

LFC Cloud: continuous data analytics system that tracks carbon dioxide offset and the amount of waste weighed

Our products can be used independently or in conjunction with one another.


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