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At Positive Footprints we not only design sustainable homes, but also build them for you. 

Our wealth of practical experience and knowledge designing, and then building sustainable dwellings, ensures you get a high performing sustainable home that performs as designed, and that the vision we start together is realised on your block.

Positive Footprints is driven by two directors, a husband and wife team, Jeremy Spencer and Chi Lu. 

Prior to 2000, Chi was working in law and business, while Jeremy was a primary school grade teacher with a background in environmental geography and woodwork.  Both had an opportunity to work abroad for a couple of years, and the overseas experience allowed them to appreciate various cultural perspectives and global concerns.  Principally among them was the seeming disconnect between our society’s voracious resource use, throw away mentality and pollution-generating energy sources, and the way natural eco-systems recycled resources and made efficient use of available energy.  They resolved that learning from nature was a way forward for both environmental and social benefit.

Moving back to Australia, and developing an interest in housing and passive solar design and sustainability more broadly, Jeremy & Chi decided that they could direct their energies to become part of the solution.  This culminated in a change in career direction and a return to study for both of them, Chi to become a Designer and Jeremy a Builder and Energy Rater, and Positive Footprints was formed. 

The aim of Positive Footprints is to:

Build beautiful houses that are as low impact as possible and make sustainable housing mainstream in the building industry, and

Make owning a high performing house easy, by combining Environmentally Sustainable Design and Construction within the one company, to close the disconnect that often exists between the design and the implementation on site.

Since 2006, Positive Footprints has been building and perfecting our sustainable practice.  Our business has grown over the years and now boasts a family of passionate employees who share the vision, and day by day make it a reality for our lovely clients.