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The "Planets Water" atmospheric water generator generates fresh daily drinking water from the air increasingly known as the "water from air" or "air to water" miracle water machine. In a world where, according to the United Nations, the global consumption of water is doubling every twenty years, more than one billion people already either have very limited or absolutely no access to fresh drinking water. By the year 2025 the increased demand for fresh water is expected to exceed by 56% of the amount currently available. The Earths most valuable commodity is becoming increasingly scarce. With "bottled water" being banned and outlawed from east to west as a result of increasing contamination of bottled water plastic the one hundred billion dollar a year totally unregulated bottled water industry is fighting for survival with consumer groups also raising numerous warnings about a host of different microorganisms and chemicals that have been found in bottled water. Tap water has also been held to blame for 41 million American citizens being supplied with water that was proved to be contaminated with pharmaceuticals. The Solution: Through Planet's Water we provide the freshest, cleanest, and purest drinking water directly from the same air that we breathe.


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