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For over 30 years we’ve helped great chefs wow their guests! Part of that magic is in the presentation. Over 7,000 commercial kitchens in North America come to us for eco-friendly tableware and presentation solutions that will delight their guests. The luxury hospitality sector and the chefs of resorts, casinos, restaurants, airlines, cruise ships, clubs, and caterers trust our food catering supplies to present their cuisine with functional elegance. Chefs love our products and count on us for NEXT DAY delivery each time they’re in a pinch. 


Our Mission is to share the sustainable magic of earth friendly form & function with the foodservice industry. We are dedicated to offering the highest quality eco-friendly serveware that inspires chefs and delights guests. Pick On Us is an earth conscious company that honors and uplifts4 both the creativity of a chef and the future of our planet. 

Reducing Waste & Recycling 

To live a more environment-friendly work life means making daily choices that reduce our negative impact on the environment. We strive to reduce the amount of trash we produce. That means only consuming what is needed, refusing single-use plastics and reusing what can be reused. Offering catalogs that are easily downloaded and sending emails instead of printed marketing materials is the way to go. Our office recycling bins and a bi-annual review of our packaging to eliminated plastic and reduce waste are some of the ways we live our mission. 

Carbon Footprint 

Reducing the amount of energy we use in our manufacturing space and offices is a priority for us. Turning off machines and lighting at the end of the day, allowing remote work, and our solar power installation help us reduce our emissions. Production and logistics coordinators work together to reduce air shipments and consolidate ocean freight. We continually say no and turn away customer requests for plastic items and we distribute a line of air-carbon straws that are actually carbon negative. 


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