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PestBusters is a global company on a mission to set a new quality standard in the pest control industry. Founded in 1991 by Chairman and CEO Thomas Fernandez, PestBusters has emerged as Asia’s leading pest management company with a fast-growing international presence, achieving an astounding market share of the hospitality and health care industry. PestBusters Vision: To develop ambassadors to be the standard for the pest management industry. PestBusters Mission: Nurturing our people to be leaders who ignite passion in order to differentiate and dominate our niche. PestBusters has grown to become one of the most trusted names in the business through its commitment to develop the skills and potential of each and every member of its associates. PestBusters believes the key to success is developing our associates to their full potential. From motivating a small team of technicians, to leading entire branches in various regions, we encourage each and every associate to become a leader in their own right, inspiring and igniting an intrinsic passion in people that no amount of money ever will. Sticking true to its formula for success, PestBusters leads the competitive premium pest control market, with high-profile clients in the hospitality industry. As leading pest control experts, the PestBusters brand is emerging far and wide, with a burgeoning presence in the Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, as well as plans to expand to India (2016), Sri Lanka (2016), the United Kingdom (2017), and Indonesia (2017). Choose PestBusters, the unrivaled leaders in global pest management.



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