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The Ozone Panel system is a load bearing precast panel that can be used for exterior structural walls, floors, roofs and interior walls. It is the only panel system to secure a PassivHaus rating in Australia and was used in the World’s First Carbon Positive Prefabricated House. An Ozone Panel is comprised of FSC certified OSB3 board made by Egger and a unique structural Polyisocyanurate foam. A 120mm Ozone Panel has an R-rating of 4.0, meets acoustic requirements for party-walls, has an FRL of 60/60/60 using a single sheet of 16mm Boral Firestop™ and up to BAL-40 with cladding approved in accordance with AS3959. Ozone Panel can also secure a C4 cyclone rating. Despite all the benefits of the Ozone Panel there is one that we believe is important for Australia. It is Green and has incredible thermal efficiency, which means heating/cooling costs wont go through the roof.




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