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OriginAlternative was born from the collaboration of two French people basedat Saigon au Vietnam.On the one hand, having become aware of the ecological emergency regarding the state of our soils, rivers and oceans linked to the ravages of plastic waste, and on the other, the desire to support small Vietnamese producers with the aim to export their know-how, from there was born OriginAlternative to valuesat both eco-responsible and charitable.

The city of Ben Tre in the Mekong Delta is also known as the capital of Coconut in Vietnam. It has been harvested there for millenniaat mainly food purposes but also decorativ.The province de Binh Dinh in central Vietnam is best known for its bamboo plantations. This has always been harvested, particularly in the context of construction but also for the manufacture of traditional furniture.These two types of natural and easily transformable materials offer a major opportunity for local farms by allowing them a new use of Coconut and Bamboo in the fight against plastic pollution.It then came to us the idea of meeting these farmers and proposing to them to design tailor-made and quality utensils in response to a growing demand in Europe and France for ecological alternatives.

However, significant issues have arisené of these meetings: the language barrier, respect for working conditions, ensuring qualityat both clean and consistent as well as finding common ground with local farmers to ensure that the strict expectations of the Western consumer are met.It\'s here that OriginAlternative plays its buffer role in order to ensure that the end customer receives his orders on time, without errors and of course in compliance with European Standards.

Being based in the country of production and therefore able to meet these farmsat at all times, we are able to provide quality control of production while ensuring clear and transparent communicationat towards our customers.In this logic of Commerce Equitable où the producer and the end customer are winners, our objective is above all to be able to bring our brickat the building in order to preserve the planet which is above all our home.The small actions of everyone are one more step towards saving our environment and making the choice to choose ecological alternatives is not only symbolic but above all a conscious and militant act.