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Orera Technology provides affordable, sustainable, and eco-friendly alternative solutions to harmful packaging materials that are used daily. 


Our vision is to pave the way towards a cleaner future by reducing the worlds plastic waste.  We are doing away with the traditional method of use and dispose (linear economy), and implementing a sustainable closed-loop of using, reusing, and regenerating (circular economy).

Based in the Philippines, Orera Technology is a sustainable manufacturer and distributor of eco-friendly products and packaging made exclusively from organically-sourced Areca palm leaves and bagasse sugarcane. Established in 2017, Orera Technology set out with a mission to introduce innovative products and packaging that dramatically reduce waste and pollution within the region. The company works with local communities, governments, and companies to create a truly sustainable means of consuming and recycling disposable goods and packaging. Orera Technology sells directly to businesses primarily within the foodservice, hospitality, and airline industries.