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At ONYA, we’re in the business of doing good. Since 2004, we’ve been waging a war on single-use plastics with our recyclable, reusable and practical range of the highest-quality shopping bags, produce bags, backpacks, bin liners and other clever household products.

We started with a big dream and a small budget, hand-designing our products at home here in Perth, Western Australia. We’ve learned a lot along the way to get where we are now – all while staying true to the values and drive to succeed that have shaped us since the very beginning.

As a B Corp certified organisation, our passionate commitment to social and environmental responsibility is there for the world to see. Our goal is to create products that don’t just promote a healthier and more sustainable planet, but create opportunities for workers and families along the way, too. Throughout the years, we’ve made plenty of changes to our operations to ensure we do right by people and planet equally. Our workforce is also carbon positive (using less emissions than we make) and we also offer an in house recycling programme so our products never need go to landfill. There are so many ways we can work together to bring a little more good into the world, and we’re proud to have started something that people can really get on board with. Today, tomorrow, and for many years to come.