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At OG Hemp, we are about to completely revolutionise the way you’ve experienced paper and we’d love for you to be a part of it. What if we told you that we sell paper globally that is all-natural, chemical-free, non-toxic, and tree-free?

India, having the most friendly environment to grow Hemp wild and free has helped us embrace the quality of our products. We sell paper that is not manufactured using wood pulp but is made from the highest quality Hemp plants. All of our products are developed by advancing artisanal expertise and hands-on field experience in order to unlock the maximum organic potential and to provide qualitative user experience. By doing this, we intend to make the world a more organic and natural place to live in, a world that is environmentally safer.

As we continue to chase a living that is sustainable for both humans and nature, we use carbon-negative raw material, hybrid composites and make use of planet- friendly practices and innovative processes everywhere from fiber conversion to Hemp Paper manufacturing.

We’ve always moved forward with a comprehensive strategy, that is, restoring the past and saving the future. Our aim is to shoot the Hemp Industry really high in the sky thus generating long-term benefits for both our consumers and investors. We believe in a better future, a more organic one.