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Organic & Caffeine-free Coffee Alternative

Company profile

ötzibrew was founded on a commitment and dedication to discover a range of products that help consumers optimise their health by offering natural alternatives to caffeine laden drinks. 

Founded in 2017 by food industry entrepreneur Tricia McNeilly, ötzibrew is an innovative health food company on a mission to revolutionise the hot drinks market.

Following a life-long interest and passion for food and nutrition and looking for a new entrepreneurial challenge, Tricia set off on a mission to find a healthy alternative to coffee.

Having already successfully launched and brought to market the natural coconut milk/water drink CocoMojo, Tricia also founded Root 66: Highway To Health, a company focused on incorporating the health benefits of turmeric into a range of products.

It was Tricia’s own battle with caffeine induced headaches that led her to investigating healthy alternatives to coffee.

She was looking for something that would remove the addictive properties of caffeine, eradicate the headaches and deliver an energy boost without the jitters.

Starting with our flagship product 100% Pure Chaga, Tricia and the team here at ötzibrew are dedicated to offering consumers a healthy alternative to caffeine laden tea and coffee. There are now five products in our range.


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