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Our aim is to end the use of single-use plastics by creating sustainable alternatives.

OceanBee Australia is a family owned business with a love of design and environmental sustainability.

Our mission is to help everyday people find alternatives to single use plastics and continue on their plastic free journey. Our knowledge from a scientific perspective means we can answer many queries you have on environmental issues pertaining to plastic pollution.

People love our products and the fact we have a real passion for environmental issues backed up with real scientific knowledge though the post graduate studies of daughters Daisy and Bella. 

Our business started with organic beeswax wraps but my passion for design led me to design our exclusive beeswax bucket bags. The enthusiasm and support of our clients has spurred us to expand our offering.  Our product base has now expanded into organic cotton produce and shopping bags, reusable mugs, steel straws and cutlery, bento boxes, and lastly but definitely not least dog cornstarch poop bags!

OceanBee started when I decided sustainability and caring for the environment was a priority. My two daughters were a huge influence in this change of career and leap of faith. Having worked as a textile designer in London, Paris, Hong Kong and Australia, design is part of who I am. 

OceanBee started by making beeswax food wraps and bags to eliminate the need for people to use cling wrap at home.  We use Australian organic beeswax, organic pine resin and organic jojoba oil. Obviously being a designer, I wanted all the prints to be incredibly beautiful, and of the finest Egyptian cotton, so our obvious choice was to use Liberty fabric. Our wraps really are the Rolls Royce of beeswax wraps.

We will continue to expand our offering of alternatives to single use plastics and with your support also encourage community involvement and education on living sustainably.

You won’t find our sustainable organic beeswax wraps covered in heavy cardboard packaging which will end up in your bin. You will find minimal packaging on all our goods, just enough to ensure your goods arrive in pristine condition.

I also engage the local community in beach clean-up events, and visit local schools to give talks on the benefits of using beeswax wraps, and living without single use plastics.

​About eldest daughter and OceanBee member Daisy:  After finishing my double degree in Engineering and Architecture at Sydney University, I worked for two years in Sydney as a structural engineer. However, my heart is in sustainability and the environment. 

I am currently in my final year studying for my Masters in Sustainable Development at Lund University, Sweden. I will next year be commencing my PhD in Finland.

I am inspired by the way Sweden deal with waste and their approach to our social responsibility to care for the environment (and each other). 

​About youngest daughter and OceanBee member Bella:  Having finished my degree in English, Biology and Immunology at the University of Sydney. My honours thesis is investigating the degradation of clothing fibres in the marine environment. 

I have spent time at the Orpheus Marine Research Station in Queensland researching coral, and the effects global warming and pollution are having on the Great Barrier Reef.

I have also worked in Thailand studying coral and marine life along with an international team.  Here we catalogued both corals and fish. Our day to day work also involved doing general maintenance, diving each day and cleaning the reef, which can involve removing nylon fishing lines, nets, and even huge discarded anchors!  

We have all been inspired by the work of charity Take 3. We donate 10% of any profits we make to Take 3.