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Eco-friendly Oral & Personal Care Products

Company profile

We are an innovation led sustainable oral care company. Using premium materials and technology we work with dentists, scientists and experts to create products that are superior to conventional products in performance and environmental protection.

Our mission and vision is simple: to make sustainable products affordable and accessible so people can make the switch and to challenge to status quo of making profit at all cost.

Our Story

NoWa was founded after I experienced plastic pollution first hand when I was at the beach with my 2 year old son and a toothpaste cap washed up onto our feet. I decided then that we need to take action to leave behind a better planet for the next generation.

Big things happen when people make small changes. Our products reflect this philosophy and provide eco-friendly swaps to otherwise damaging, plastic dental products.

We won’t compromise on service, value and quality dental care in our mission for a better future; let's not compromise, together.

Moving Forward

Launching in 2020 we at NoWa, unveiled our oral care range with a tablet form of toothpaste and mouthwash which contained fluoride and could be stored in a reusable tin jar meaning that the total life and transport of these tablets was far more beneficial than even the existing eco friendly products in the market.

From there, NoWa designed and released a manual bamboo toothbrush with a twist. The bamboo toothbrush had a replaceable head so when a new one is needed there is less waste being created. The bristles were also carefully designed and innovated to be plant based (charcoal and bamboo) replacing the nylon bristles of other bamboo brushes in the market.




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