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The word ‘NETA’ ?means? ?GR?ACE, and more often, a young PLANT. We borrowed the word NETA from NETAFIM, and added the word TECH which is the focus of how we work. Because of our intense harnessing of TECHnology, we are able to become more efficient, to STREAMLINE our processes, and that of our clients so that we can both save time and RESOURCES. NETATECH speaks of using Technology to understand nature, to mimic nature, and to care for nature. At Netatech, we see all our ?younger staff as young plants, requiring nurturing, and care. We employ people from different industries, and fresh young graduates. The background industry from where they come from are not so important. We look for people with the right basic values, and the ability to learn and grow. We provide the right environment for them to develop to their fullest potential. All our staff are our assets, appreciating in value over the years.