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We are a family run business, which we set up towards the end of 2014 after a long time spent dreaming about it, but never being able to find the right time to turn our dream into action. So happily for us, 2014 was the right time, and here we are!

We take a lot of time to research really awesome eco-friendly, sustainable and toxin-free products, that are made by responsible suppliers. We want the people of Singapore to have access to quality products that are safe (and much better) alternatives to plastics and other nasties. Our products are better for the home and better for our planet.

Neis Haus is also the exclusive distributor in Singapore for Apiwraps, Keep Leaf, Environmental Toothbrush, MiEco, Loofah-Art and Dental Lace. We are so proud to represent these amazing products, because we absolutely love them all and we hope others in Singapore will enjoy them as much as we do.

We sincerely hope you enjoy our products, and that they make you feel happy too!