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From Future Forests to The CarbonNeutral Company to Natural Capital Partners, the evolution of our business has been designed to continuously deliver innovative, high quality solutions to our global client list.

More than twenty years ago we began life as Future Forests, pioneering the concept of offsetting emissions through tree planting programmes. During those early days, we led the way in setting the standards for quality and credibility of emission reduction programmes and co-founded our industry body, ICROA. With businesses' increasing interest in taking action on climate change, we changed our name to The CarbonNeutral Company, and in 2002 we launched THE CARBONNEUTRAL PROTOCOL, designed to deliver a solution to leading clients who were early pioneers in setting and meeting net zero emission reduction targets.

Since we began we have contracted more than 51 million environmental instruments from 67 countries and have been honoured to be recognised as Best Offset Retailer for nine years running. Our evolution to Natural Capital Partners, which was announced in 2015, reflects the next stage in our development – using our experience and expertise to provide our global client list with solutions for positive impact on renewable energy, biodiversity, water, carbon and communities.


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