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Natural, ecological and sustainable packaging is our claim. The design of our products is not only natural and ecological. The products are manufactured especially raw material suppliers selected by us, production partners and trading partners also environmentally friendly and resource-conserving.

Natural packaging (Natürlich verpacken in german) has arisen because we love the special look and feel of brown kraft paper, kraft cardboard and raw paperboard. These materials and combined with single-colour or multi-colour screen-printing and offset printing wide design space will open the authenticity for us graphic designers we are originally.

From the simple, tailored to format handicraft arc from kraft paper or kraft cardboard we have developed many more products solutions for presentation, promotion or photos like for example folding cartons. Consciously we offer blank so not printed these products and also our CD covers and packaging neutral.

Creative design possibilities offer themselves thus our customers from the field of graphics, design, photography, wedding photography, music and film/video. Take advantage of these opportunities to individual customers tuned design to create by printing, stamping, punching, stamping, folding, gluing, scrapbooking and many other craft techniques.

According to our understanding, the possibility that you purchase only the amount you actually need belongs to the biosphere and sustainability. Save money and actually unneeded goods must not be thrown away. To assist you in your purchase, we have implemented an attractive system of volume discounts and discounted for kraft paper, force cardboard, recycled cardboard, envelopes and cards, CD covers, portfolios, yarns and boxes.

Natürlich verpacken is a brand of Parterremedia GmbH.

Parterremedia was founded in 2003 in Berlin by Ursula Meszaros and Peter Bergner.