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Handmade Candles for the Eco-Conscious

Nakendle Scents is our scented Coconut-Rapeseed wax candle line. It’s born from the desire to bring something truly unique and equally eco friendly to the candle market, allowing you to enjoy the magic of nature. It’s pure, it’s clean, it’s Vegan and ethical. It’s handmade with love and appreciation to all that’s from Mother Earth.

Coconut and rapeseed wax

Our own unique blend of pure coconut wax and organic rapeseed wax is the heart of our candles. It took some time to find an alternative to the oh-so- common and oh-so-less-eco-friendly soy wax (read about soy wax here) but the end result is worth the sleepless nights. Our wax burns clean. It doesn’t release any toxic chemicals in the air so it is totally safe to your health and the environment. It burns slow and long and it also has an exceptional scent throw. But what we love the most is that no habitat is being destroyed, no families are losing their livelihood and no forests are cut down just so we can enjoy these benefits. Our wax is sincerely eco friendly,  vegan and ethically sourced.

Handmade ceramic containers

All our candle jars are made entirely by the pair of our hands. We didn’t want our amazing candles to be ‘just’ eco-friendly, but we wanted them to be genuinely handmade too. So we decided to take up the most ancient way of making containers; pottery. You see, these jars are not just any jars; they are made of clay, branded, glazed, fired, loved and nurtured by us before we pour our unique candle wax in them. These jars are incomparable with their factory made relatives. Their charm and beauty come from their perfect imperfection.

Natural fragrances

If wax is the heart, scent is the soul of our candles. Just imagine walking across a field full of lilies or passing by a lilac bush or flowering jasmine; while sure you admire their beauty, their scent is what lingers with you for a long time making you forget about the stresses of the day. Our candles are no different. While they look charming to the eye, their smell is what can so easily transform your mood. But nice scents can compromise your health and we are very conscious about that. This is why we use only the most natural, un-cruel, vegan, ethically sourced essential and fragrance oils in our candles that are FREE from CMR’s (chemicals that are cancer causing, lead to mutations and toxic to reproduction), and are free from Phthalates, Parabens, Silicone and PEG.


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