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To change energy for good

We are accelerating the transition to net zero carbon by decarbonising heat – responsible for over half (51%) of all energy demand globally.

Leveraging our innovation and our engineering capability, we are revolutionising solar with the world’s highest energy density solar technology. We call it Virtu. It provides more energy in less space, delivering greater returns and reducing price, regulatory and reputational risk for our customers.

And just like our technology works well in concert with other systems, we work with our network of like-minded partners across the world to deliver affordable zero carbon heat and power, one rooftop, façade, or ground-mounted array at a time.

Industries we cover

At Naked Energy, we developed Virtu products with the needs of commercial and industrial consumers in mind. We’re focused on applications with constant hot water and heat demand. This includes hotels, multi-family apartments, social housing, schools, hospitals, food & beverage (F&B), textiles, and paper manufacturing.

Virtu products generate more energy per square metre than any other solar technology. They’re ideal for high-energy consumers, especially those with little available space for traditional solar. These high-performance systems generate heat up to 90°C, suitable for domestic hot water (DHW), pre-heat and process heat in many environments.


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