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Meagan is a 74 year old vegan trailblazer, an activist, and a cook with a chocolate obsession. In her vegan cafe in Yorkshire, she has spent decades creating amazing vegan chocolate! Not surprisingly word got out and with the help of her son in-law Dean, Mummy Meegz vegan chocolate launched in stores around the UK and beyond.​

We dream of a world where all our favourite chocolates contain no animal ingredients. With the help of our dreamy oat milk chocolate, we are confident that no-one has to compromise. Let's give the cows a rest! We’ve got this!

We put our money where our mouth is to make mind-blowingly good chocolate that doesn't cost the earth. We want vegan chocolate to be everywhere at the best possible price, no matter where you shop! We stand up for the issues we care about. Being kind to animals, humans and the planet guides everything we do. We simply make the chocolate you love totally vegan, slavery free and sustainable.


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