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Healthy, hypo-allergenic & sustainable insect-based dog treats.

Our Mission

The Mr Bug revolution all began with a chance meeting with an environmental nutritionist who opened our eyes to the shocking amounts of meat and soy that were being used to produce pet food.

We realised that our farm could be transformed to help clean up the pet food industry and create revolutionary pet food that would help fight climate change.  

We set up Mr Bug with 2 core values at its heart...

Ethical & Affordable

We only produce the absolute finest and most ethical mealworm protein right here on our farm in Devon. This means we can concentrate all of our efforts ensuring that the highest quality control and assurance measures are in place.

Unlike humans, vegan diets are not suitable for dog's and they need the protein our mealworms provide. We care about all animals and so produce our treats in a way that adheres to only the highest ethical standards. 

We also set out our mission statement with one simple concept.

Sustainable pet food shouldn't cost the earth.  

That is why even as a small, independent British producer, we have done all we can to give you eco friendly treats, at a competitive price.


In today's current climate, sustainability should be central to every company’s ethos, sadly, it isn't.

Here at MrBug we established our business with sustainability at the absolute forefront of our mission. 

​We love our dogs but we love the planet too. 

​The potential benefits of insect feed are many including helping to tackle the sustainability and supply concerns relating to soy that makes up 75% of feed used to create the meat your dog eats. Though full of protein content it comes with environmental baggage as it fuels climate change through habitat conversion and deforestation, not to mention the vast distances it needs to be transported.

When we realised this impact we immediately set about revolutionising things.

There are many ways in which the brilliant mealworm protein we use in our treats help to save the planet. 


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