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More Than Swim endeavours to always find ways to reduce OUR environmental impact, through education and honesty. Everything More Than Swim is made with Integrity & conscience! At the moment science doesn't allow any company to produce products that are 100% sustainable and if there are companies out there trekking you they are then it's not the truth. Words by the Founder Sandra: 

"My job as a business owner and a designer is to to produce products that reduce waste, and there environmental impact. • I seek to do better by arming myself with knowledge and research. It's about making carefully considered choices so that YOU have the option, to choose planet and people friendly products. I actually put YOU and our beautiful planet at the heart of everything I do." 

Being a smaller company I can to react sensitivly to new technologies and updates on processes due to my smaller volumes and made to order policies. 

All production is currently in the UK. This reduces our carbon footprint and emissions. 

I have more control of what is produced and I know that my manufactures work to the highest of standards and take great care of their work force. 

My garments cost more than of course fast fashion. This is because everyone along my supply chain is paid a fair wage with great working conditions! My conscience won't let me work any other way! 

OP °SUPPLY CHAIN When it comes to sourcing production and suppliers, I like to support small, especially local UK businesses. I choose to stand with & support my fellow small business owners. 


Everything is handmade to order. This reduces waste. It makes YOUR whole experience bespoke and special. With waste being such a huge problem in the fashion industry! I choose to use production that creates less waste as possible with all swimwear garments printed & cut to size. 

• As More Than Swim grows, I hope to expand my production into printing onto nylon made from pre-and post-consumer fabric waste, or recovered fishing nets and marine pollution. Recyled plastic fabric alone can still be harmful to our planet because they released micro plastics into the environment. • The problem with recyled plastics are the harmful gases they produce when they break down. I want to be as transparent as I can! If you don't dispose of it properly by putting it back into the fashion chain then you are again creating an environmental problem. Less than 1% of garments are recovered and returned to the textile value chain. 


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