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Your home is where you’re relaxed, comfortable, and wearing your soft pants.  

It’s the cozy nook of the big wide universe we all carve out through a series of careful decisions. It’s where the TV is exactly the right distance from the sofa, family and friends are lovingly framed, and the walls are that super-specific shade you picked out after approximately one million years of agonizing over paint chips. It’s also full of choices you can’t see with the naked eye, including your furniture: it’s not just what it looks like, but what it’s made of and how it was made.    

Most mass-produced furniture goes from delivery to landfill in a few years (!!). Frankly, we hate that, and we’ve been in the furniture game long enough to know that there's a better way. We want you to feel excited about the pieces you choose to make part of your home—not just as soon as you click buy or as soon as it's delivered, but after it’s held up beautifully years and years (and years!) from now.  


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