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The MCM GreenMan Group is a Malaysian modular building manufacturing, construction and IP (intellectual property) licencing company. MCM GreenMan Eco Modular Display Unit We offer a range of MCM GreenMan modular buildings (based on the original GreenMan Tiny Home envisaged by our inspirational GreenMan, Matthias GreenMan Gelber), which can be configured in numerous ways to provide many single and multi-level building structures and layouts; you can read more about the GreenMan Tiny Home Project at the end of this Profile Our Modules are designed to be: 1. Corrosion resistant Steel framed core and shell modules 2. Sustainable material wall, floor and ceiling panels 3. Fire protected in compliance with local Fire Department regulations 4. Built in our Ipoh, Perak factory to guarantee quality control and management 5. Available in full (6.2m x 3.1m), ½, ¾ and ¼ size modules, which enables huge flexibility in design 6. Fast to assemble on site, saving time, preventing site delays, minimizing labour supply and quality issues; we have created our internal Quality Management System and will look to IBS Certified Manufacturer and ISO:9001 status in 2018. 7. Suitable for our “light touch” innovative footings system, which can save enormous amounts of time and money on site



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