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Mawera – The UK’s Biomass and Wood Combustion System Experts

mawera-biomass-boiler-bemodern2Mawera have the know-how and the expertise when it comes to providing the very best in biomass energy and wood combustion systems. Formed in 1975, Mawera have gone from strength to strength in the provision of biomass energy systems for residential buildings, commercial facilities and power and heat supply plants.

Working to highest standards across all fields of research, planning, production and maintenance, Mawera have developed wood combustion systems that are both incredibly efficient and kind to the environment. All Mawera wood combustion equipment is manufactured by highly skilled and experienced personnel, and the plants in which the biomass boilers are manufactured is equipped with only the most up-to-date and modern technology.

Mawera’s professional input is ongoing too – once your biomass combustion sytem installation is complete they’ll provide professional training that is bespoke to your facility and your system to ensure that it is operated safely and efficiently for years to come. Mawera also provide a tailored maintenance contract to support the long-term optimal operation of your system while minimising downtime and repair costs.

2-timber-countryside-managementTherefore, by using advanced machinery in harmony with fully-trained and highly qualified experts, Mawera ensure that their wood combustion systems are of a consistently high quality.

So much so that more than 5000 customers across the world now put their faith in Mawera to provide their biomass solutions.


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