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Hi there! 

We are Luff Sleep, but this story is about you.

Your face and your head spends more time on a pillow than anywhere else, so getting it right really matters.

We’re based in Hertfordshire, England but we travelled from Tokyo to Paris researching, testing and speaking to doctors and experts to develop the best pillows! Good quality sleep is as important to a healthy body as electricity is to the screen you’re reading this on.‏‏‎ Keeping your spine supported and having a comfortable place to let the stresses of the day drift away can be the difference between happiness and sadness, productivity or pain the very next day. Many people don’t know that keeping your head in alignment with your spine can reduce tension and prevent back pain. Or that the quality of your sleep affects your mood, memory, attention and even your lifespan.


We care about your health and happiness as well as the world we live in. Our pillows and mattress toppers are equipped with beautifully soft bamboo fabric. A super sustainable plant that requires no pesticides, fertiliser or replanting. It’s the little changes that can make the biggest differences.

Our world isn’t just the environment it’s also our communities and where we live. Every time you buy a Luff product, you will sleep soundly knowing 10% of the profits go to homeless charities and we regularly donate pillows to the homeless too. Everyone needs a good night’s sleep.


There are so many factors that affect your quality of sleep but we work hard to improve your comfort as well as being beautifully designed, fun, informative and positive force for good to your health and the world around you.


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